Sombra ARG SOLVED!! - ForcedPorridge Patreon Podcast 2
The boys talk Overwatch with ForcedPorridge. After a long debate they end up SOLVING the Sombra ARG! Can you believe it! Also, some Milpools die.

You can do a podcast with the Just OK Gamers by supporting us on at the $50 tier.

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You're Just Okay
$2 or more per month 7 patrons
We're broke. You're broke. We're all broke. But the truth of the matter is, every little bit helps. We would be grateful for whatever you feel you'd like to donate... even if its just $2. If 30 people back us at this level we'll be able to produce the podcast at no cost out of pocket to us. That's pretty swell, eh? And to thank you, we will add your name on a ticker during every podcast live show that we do. That's YOUR name in big letters for literally TENS of people to see! Pretty cool if you ask me.
Minor Bragging Rights
$5 or more per month 18 patrons
You know we have a partnered Discord server? We hang out there a lot. You'll get your own group in our Discord server as well as a Patron only chat channel that you can use for direct communication with us and other Patreon supporters. You know we also have a subreddit, too? Well, if you decide to back at this tier you will get this sweet little Patreon icon that will show up whenever you post on our subreddit.  How's that work for you? (Plus previous levels)
Includes Discord rewards
Show Us Your Emoji, Daddy
$10 or more per month 15 patrons
So you're a supporting member of our awesome community... but you don't know how to make it show? Well we got just the thing... Your very own emoji on our discord server! You pick any image you want (within reason), and you can show it to the world using the emoji controls on Discord!

Also, we'll give you guys a little more love than others and try our best to hop into games with you more regularly.

As an added bonus, we'll each individually follow you on social media. Just reach out to us on that platform and remind us.

(Plus previous levels)

Includes Discord rewards
Segue With Me
$20 or more per month 5 patrons
You know those musical segues we play on the podcast? Well... how about YOUR VERY OWN?! We will scratch our heads, whip out our musical instruments, and make you a very special, one of a kind segue (with your name or without) that we will keep in rotation to play on our weekly podcast. We'll also send you the file so you can play it for all your friends. (Plus previous levels)
Includes Discord rewards
Voicemoyle Greeting
$20 or more per month 0 patrons
Segue's arent your thing? Well... You pick one (or all) of us to record your incoming voicemoyle greeting. Or maybe you want xXKiller69Xx420 to grumble something? Maybe Labeedo? We'll say what you want and send you the file and you just plop that right on your phone....

This seems silly. No one will pick this or want this from us.

(Previous rewards included)

Includes Discord rewards
Forever Alone
$35 or more per month 3 patrons
This tier gets you your very own Discord voice channel named in your honor. You get to pick the Channel name!... within reason. In addition to the previous tier rewards: Your own segue on the podcast, access to Patreon Chat on Discord, and an emoji of your own choosing!
Includes Discord rewards
Achievement Unlocked: Narcissist
$50 or more per month 1 of 5 patrons
[MOST POPULAR TIER! (WHY?)] So now you're saying.... "Guys, you gave me a personalized segue. What else could you POSSIBLY give me now?" Well, how about your very own private and personal 1 hour session with the guys?!

Once a month we will do what you want. That could be recording a podcast, playing games with one (or all) of us on our stream, guest on your stream, read your screenplay, or just having a chill game sesh. We're essentially your slaves. We have no shame.

Now, we're busy boys, so there is no guarantee that all 4 of us will be able to make it. You pick the date and time and as many of the guys that can make it will be there.
(Plus previous levels)

Includes Discord rewards
We Dare You to Do This (You Won't)
$10,000 or more per month 0 of 2 patrons
The Dream. The Cream of the Crop. The Tops. The Best. Sense and Reason? Out the window. You own us lock, stock, and barrel for a weekend of debauchery and fun.

First of all, you get flown out by us to wonderful Milwaukee, WI to stay at Gweedo's house for Just OK Con.  We're talking old-school LAN party, late-90s style.

We'll set up a computer for you and the four of us and you will spend the whole weekend getting drunk and playing video games. We'll take you out for a night on the town. Get some awesome food. Do whatever you want to do for the weekend. Just a good ol classic bro (or sis) hang.

Please do this. This sounds like fun.

(Plus previous levels)
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