Some needlepainting <3
Today, I brought this needlepainting to Zwolle for the exhibition at Museum de Fundatie :D The opening is going to be next wednesday the 24th and then it will run from the 25th of May until the 20th of August! :O It's a big group exhibition, so it's not just me, of course haha! It's pretty amazing though, honestly getting my work exhibited is never really a big goal of mine, but it's pretty cool when it happens! This painting is pretty tiny, it's 10 by 7 cm and it shows a stream in the forest near the central station here in the Hague and it's needlepainted with silk. 

The theme of the exhibition is 'water', and to me, this explores the relationship we as Dutch people have with water. Most of the country is under sea level, and this forest is as well, and the sea is only 5 kilometers away-I've walked from the forest to the sea many times and it's not far at all. The sea is now considered no longer a threat thanks to the delta works and all the technology and observation we put in to it, and this sense of control I found represented in this perfect, manmade stream with it's perfect banks and almost frozen completely flat surface. It was like..see, this is water the way we want it to be, still, quiet, controlled. Still, the sea is only 5 kilometers away and who knows, maybe one day the whole city-including this little stream-will lie under the sea. I hope not, of course! But it could be.

Anyway, that's something a little different for today! :) I've also finished the pictures for the embroidery skirt tutorial, so getting to work on writing the tutorial now, aaaand I'm making a little surprise for my $10 tier Patrons, more about that tomorrow! I hope I made you curious ;)

Tomorrow will also be another Q&A post, so if you have something you need help with or just random questions or suggestions, I'd love to hear it! :D Don't forget the two giveaways that are running now too, one for embroidery materials for all Patrons and one for bloomers(two pairs, so two lucky winners!)for $5+ Patrons :D

Hope you all have a lovely day! <3