some announcements
this Saturday 12 there will be a livestream for patreons and anyone else who may want to come visit, since we are still a little group.

if you are a patreon you can request whatever you want on stream 

if there are no request i plan on working on some projects i had 

i hope to see you all there and hope we can have lots of fun 

i will post another announcement when i start the stream on sat!!! 

on another note 

im sorry i kinda been a little messy while posting stuff, it usually takes me some time to figure out how to do things 

thankfully i think i got the hang of this patreon thing a little better and im better organized now.

unfortunately i have to postpone the next video for next week due to some things that happened i hope you guys don't mind 

and thank you so much for being so patient with me