Some art I made recently + the process
Hey guys!  Just wanted to share this awesome art piece I finished today after many many steps of putting it through random processes. I'm including photos of all the steps of the process so you can see how weird it looked before it became awesome haha. Basically I want to say: YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO MAKE ART AND DO RANDOM CREATIVE THINGS and also trust the impulses! Because they will lead you to some great discoveries! Also i did all this as part of a 5-day free online course run by Jessica Serran, so if you want to give your creativity a boost, follow her and see when she next does a little mini course, I've done a couple of them now and she is awesome.

P.S. I have been really wanting to write a thing or record a video for you telling you what I've been up to lately and I will do it THIS WEEK the longer I leave it the more there is to tell so once I get the first one out of the way I'm gonna try to do them super regularly!!  

love you!

T x