Some basic info on our first and second releases!
It's not easy, working on and releasing four games within a three year time frame, when you're a 22 year old working hobo with only a 13 year old minion to assist you.

It is, however, possible.

Welcome to Pleionid Development. We're a pair of gamers from the internet who have banded together with our separate talents to create a game, though neither one of us has made one before.

I'm Tziga, and I'm the coder. The minion I mentioned before does all our art, and helps with ideas. Let's take a look at the first two games we're working on...

The first game is widely known as Hookers. It's a genetics-based game, and the primary focus is to play Maury: a mother dog and her puppies stand before you, as do three potential fathers. Your task is to figure out which which male is the father, using actual genetics you are taught along the way. Each level changes out the dogs for more complex colors. It's got a following and has been delayed a few times due to life, but we're currently hoping for a September 15th release.

The second game is similar to Hookers, in that it is genetics based and focuses on dogs. However, your task is now to use the genetics learned in Hookers (or not, we don't judge) to breed a superior dog for a specific task. Inspired by games such as Dog Dayzz, Furry Paws, Alacrity, and Dynasty, this game focuses purely on genetics and physical, social, and psychological traits in order to come out on top.  Enjoy a god-like sandbox as you create your own breed, or breed for an existing breed. This game also features a lot of colors and patterns currently not found in any existing canine sim, including Panda, Tweed, Patchwork, and a brindle modifier. We are hoping for a January 2019 release at present, though this is subject to change.

The third and fourth games, for those curious, are identical to the second but with different species. They will be released six months apart following the second game's release.

We welcome you to follow and support us during this challenging build. We're only a week into the second project but the genetics system and breeding system are nearing completion, and Hookers has part of the base coding done.