Some Changes Happening
I owe you guys a little bit of an explanation for stuff lately, huh? 

Well, after I set up my discord, it became more and more obvious that that's how I prefer to interact with people and patrons. I enjoy the intimate and idle chit-chat of a little discord family, it helps me get to know the people who support me, and lets people get to know me!

Unfortunately a consequence of that is that I've somewhat neglected this page. This was a little unfair for those who weren't pledging at a tier that gave them discord access, as I would seem basically inactive even though those who chat to me on a regular basis will tell you I'm anything but! So here's what I've done:

- First of all I have opened my discord to the public, so now everyone can come along and chat and get to know me and each other! It'll also give you a way to know exactly when i'm streaming, and when new videos are going up! If you aren't in the server already, you should be able to get to it from your rewards, if not there is a link to join on my server! 

- Because of that, I will no longer be posting regular updates on this page. I will of course continue to post early videos here as an archive, but polls and suggestions and whatnot will happen in the discord. Its just a lot easier for me to manage that way!

- $5 and up patrons get access to the "Honorary Egg" role in the server, which gives them access to the patron-exclusive chat! As I type this we're currently discussing the SCP wiki but I promise its actually there for all the discussions and polls I promised you here! 

I apologise to anyone who has felt a little left out because of my inactivity here, it certainly wasn't my intent, but I've always wanted to craft a community that got along with each other and made friends and I find that discord helps me do that a lot better, and I think people would agree that it has worked! So come and be a part of it! Whether you're a patron or not, everyone is and always has been welcome!