Some Changes Here! (Important!!)
Hello! Thank you everybody for your continued support, I really love you guys for showing interest in me and my art and I hope I can keep making it worth your while!

First, some things. Rather than making 'Mora' pay-to-read, I will be posting the comic for free and making additional art/ concepts/ side stories and fun stuff subscription! HOWEVER, because of this change, it will be imperative that I can continue to fund the project without starving. So!

For me to start regularly publishing 'Mora' (regularly being one page per two weeks for this stretch goal) I'll need to reach $150 in pledges per month. Once I pass this goal and hit others, I'll be  able to publish more frequently and provide more Mora-specific Patron goodies! 

Other patron-only goodies like tutorials, livedraws, and sales will remain the same. Thank you all for being so patient as I organize myself. I couldn't do this without you!


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