Some exciting news!
I just wanted to give you Patrons some interesting and exciting news. I've been working on a personal website over the past few months. In preparation for the launch of the website, I've decided that Patreon is no longer the best option for me to post my best content. As a result, you'll see some slight changes on my Patreon page over the next few days.

1. As most of you know, Patreon charges you guys for your pledge on the 1st of every month. The first change that will take place is that I will disable that feature where you guys get charged every month. So you WILL NOT get charged every month. You will notice that I've changed it to a "per post" pledge. After doing this I will no longer do any "paid posts" on Patreon. Anything I post on Patreon going forward will be 100% FREE. So you WILL NOT get charged any longer from Patreon for your pledges.

2. I will continue to do my normal posts on here for a few more weeks. I will eventually start to transition my content over to my website. So at some point in the future, my posts on Patreon will stop.

Now I understand that this may be confusing for some. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message via Patreon, StockTwits, or Twitter.  Also I actually encourage you to cancel your pledges since my posts on Patreon will eventually stop in a few weeks. Patreon gives you the option to completely cancel your pledge. If you would like to cancel your pledge please see here for instructions on how to do so >>>>

Thank you for your understanding,