Some "Fair Use" Star Trek Action
This week, my Star Trek: The Next Generation Bluetooth Combadge arrived from Thinkgeek and so in true Trekkie style, Sasha dusted off her Starfleet uniform, and I pulled mine from the front of my wardrobe.

What followed is not only an unboxing, but a negative review debunking session where I showed you why the weak magnet doesn't matter (we show you how to fix it), why you shouldn't care about the "80's style mouse click" activation mechanism (and perhaps even learn to embrace it) and we answer the question: Should you buy this?

Additionally, since we're already looking at a Bluetooth device, I brought out an Altec Lansing Mini H2O Rugged Bluetooth Speaker, and tossed it into a bowl full of water to see if their claims of being waterproof are true. Don't miss it!

Hope you enjoy the show! Thank you so much for supporting Category5 TV!