Some fundamental work
Good day all, 

Hope you been well.

Read this today, interest read.

Some opinion here and there, but such an article paint a good picture of what the future holds. 

I am not going to dissect it for you, because there is no need to. Rather, I want you to read it, and digest it, then move along. 
It gives you a picture, but we are traders. We buy when market is buying, and sell when market is selling.
How I trade, is with the impulse. WHATEVER the opinion on street is, it doesnt matter. As long as price is buy, I am buy. If price sell, I am sell. 

Hence, the foundation building block of my method of operation is very much inline with the Dow Theory and basic Eliot impulse-retrace wave movement, which I will talk more about in due time. 

Work hard.

By the way, here is an early thought, I need to drive traffic here, somehow. I can't even find this place on google search. If I can't find myself, how can others find me?