For fun, I wanted to share some OG (written circa 2013ish) Daiyuverse. My original attempt at the Daiyuverse was for Nanowrimo in 2013. I'm keeping a lot of it as source material and wanted to share a bit of action that will be taking a new form in our current Daiyuverse.

This tidbit brings us to an older Daiyu with her new BFF Immaculata. Immaculata is/might be (not tellin) in this part of the verse a very powerful Earth based witch from Brazil. In the original text I introduced an organization inspired by the Bene Gesserit from Dune. A legit multi-generational cabal of women witches who teach each other and work togther to preserve their magic against things like the Contrario.

In this version I also have Elie from the OG Daiyuverse. Originally, I'd planned a big thing because Elie is as his people call them a Skinwalker and I wanted to really work in some time to honor the Navajo Skinwalker stories and mythos. I spent some time back then writing and rewriting a situation where a young Navajo man who creates his magic with dancing and Elie have a confrontation and use that as a means for Elie to change his language in terms of what he is.

In this verse, Elie's folks skinwalkers are not traditional shape shifters. They are able to walk in the bodies of animals. In the context of the magical world I'm creating, I wanted to give animals consciousness and explored how that skill could be used in magical battle/espionage etc. 

Now, I got into doing a lot of research and watching video because I wanted to incorporate aspects of tradition passed down through dance for our Navajo gent (in the OG text his name was Leon) to do things like creating the energy necessary for other people to look into/commune with other universes.

I still like the idea however, I am not Navajo and felt that getting into this is not my place nor is it my lane. I felt really uncomfortable and decided to toss this particular plotline. Right now, I'm still on the fence about including Elie, I like the original idea I had for him so y'all might get to know him afterall. I do want to bring Leon into the universe but perhaps in a diffrent capacity. I don't want to be hammering this moment.

As for this chapter. You get to get a peek at some of how cooperative magic works in my world and some idea as to how Daiyu will grow up. Right now, Patrons know Daiyu in her early 20s-ish. This Daiyu is much older, world weary as those who engage in combat are. In this area of the timeline, you'll also see Daiyu called Pearl. We'll learn more about that later on.

I believe I will include a version of Immaculata in this version of the Daiyuverse however, y'all won't meet her until much later. 

For those of you doing nanowrimo a word of support and cheer. One of the great things about doing Nanowrimo is that you can create some source material for later work. I've been tinkering with this universe for years now and my failures have added up to some really rich reference material. 

If you're struggling to make something completely done, maybe think about changing your viewpoint of what yourpoint is. Rather than emerging Dec. 1 with a whole complete work, maybe you'll wake up with 50K worth of source material, world building, practice etc.

Now, I hope you enjoy this and remember this bit of fiction is entirely unedited, presented exactly as it came out of my brain.

Next time, I'll post some of my rejected scenes/bits from the verse and talk about how I'm dealing with a few plot issues and where I see things going.

If you've enjoyed this, please feel free to join my other patrons, you get brand new Daiyuverse fresh from my brain meats. If you know folks into urban fantasy, share this with them and invite them to come check out what's goin down.

Thanks for reading and as always thanks for all your support.

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