Some Great Upcoming Content!
Hi folks!

Get ready for an exciting couple of weeks, leading into one of the coolest series of 'Favourite Places to Knit' that we have EVER done.....AND of course the grand final of Knit or Forfeit! Its going to be a rather exciting summer.

So whats coming up over the next couple of weeks? 

  • 14th June - Tutorial Tuesday : Kay continues her lace knitting tutorial with a focus on yarn overs and how to deal with them
  • 15th June - The Bakery Bear News Issue 9 is published : Look for it in your inbox and let us know if you don't receive it by the end of this week
  • 16th June - Whats in YOUR oven : Join Kay for the second in her brand new series with one of our favourite recipes EVER!!
  • 17th June - Bakery Bear Book Club : Join Dan & Kay as they discuss their current reads with something brand new to Dan from Conn Iggulden
  • 21st June - Tutorial Tuesday - Kay continues her lace knitting tutorial series
  • 23rd June - Bakery Bear Reviews "In Progress" : We continue with our review of Hedgehog Fibre's Sock Yarn
  • 24th June - Podcast Episode 52 : We finish out three part 'Founding Fathers of Great Britain' series with a visit to two amazing castles AND we preview of upcoming brand new series of 'Favourite Places to Knit' it will be a truly magical journey ;-) We know you are going to LOVE it......
    • Kay will also be showing you her latest design which will be due for release on the 8th of July

We are about to combust with excitement over the new 'Favourite Places to Knit' series. We have been saving this one as its so special to all of us......I so want to tell you but it will spoil the surprise....Don't miss the trailer in Episode 52.

Thank you so much for watching and supporting us! We'll see you tomorrow for the next Bakery Bear tutorial!

Have a wonderful week.

Dan & Kay x x x