Some important changes... I need your input!
So I've been working hard lately and thinking hard about how to make Patreon better for all of you, my lovely patrons.  I appreciate you all so much and really want you to feel the love.

Many things are coming together right now in my thinking and planning. Those of you who are into polymer clay will probably know that Polymer Café magazine, which I was published in many times, (and even on the cover!) ceased publication last February. 

You may also be aware that is closing their doors. :(

Those were two of my main venues for selling my tutorials. So, like I said, lots of thinking, rethinking and planning happening around here.

And then, whilst looking at what other artists are doing on Patreon I came across this: 

Can I Offer A Raffle As Part Of A Reward Tier?
We love surprises. But unfortunately we don't allow reward tiers that involve raffles, giveaways, or "chances-to-win." The reason for this is to better protect the patron community as well as to make sure we are in accordance with state gambling laws. 

Sadly, I think this means my quarterly giveaways have been against the rules. Ooops!

So it seems like I need to change my Patreon rewards system... which for a variety of reasons, I've been thinking of doing anyways.

I was considering something like this: 

Please keep in mind this is not set in stone, these are just my initial thoughts and I really, really would like to hear your opinions and suggestions.

  • $1 monthly = access to the patron only feed (behind the scenes, musings, sneak peeks, the same as I've always done in the weekly feed)
  • $3 monthly = beads, jewelry findings, jewelry or polymer clay piece (your choice) in the mail after your first six months of being a patron
  • $5 monthly = one week free advance access to all of my paid tutorials (yet to be figured out!)
  • $10 monthly = patron only bonus video tutorial each month
  • $25 monthly = after six months at this level of support I will make you a custom piece of jewelry, your choice of type, style & beads, within reason (of course, I'll make a video tutorial on how it was made.)

As you can tell, I'll need to change my Patreon rewards in tandem with figuring out how to sell my tutorials... which is kind of making my head spin!

Please let me know in the comments below which ideas you like, which you hate, if you have other suggestions... all thoughts welcome.