Some (minor) ch-ch-ch-changes
Hey everyone, just a quick heads-up! I mentioned this on the Retronauts blog but figured it bears a specific post here, for the people who support this specific corner of my work. 

Remember how I mentioned I have some changes in store for book production processes? As part of that (and some other partnerships we're developing for Retronauts), I've decided to consolidate all my video series under a shared "brand," if you will: Retronauts Works. Game Boy World is about to become "Game Boy Works", Good Nintentions will be "NES Works", Mode Seven "Super NES Works", etc. They're all related and all attempt to achieve the same end (chronicling game platform history), so it makes sense to bring them all together.

I had originally thought to keep them all unified to begin with, but when I kicked off the NES video series I realized, "Oh... there's already an NES World." And in fact has been around since 1996, so I kinda feel like they have dibs on that name. After giving some serious thought to this over the past month or so, and kicking around quite a few possibilities, I've settled on "Works" rather than "World" as the thread that links these video titles. "Works" has the same cadence as "world", as well as the advantage of not having been used for any other game journalism or retrospective series that I've been able to find.

This doesn't actually change anything meaningful in the videos, just the name and the overlay card design. It does mean I'll be dropping the Good Nintentions title screens, but I had honestly never planned to take those past the NES launch releases... which, conveniently, I've just wrapped up.

I can't imagine this is going to upset anyone, but I figured I'd offer a quick heads-up just to let you know why the next video will be arriving under the Game Boy Works name. I hope you like the visual style/motif I've come up with — I tried to unify the typography I've used with the Good Nintentions overview book (which was based on Famicom branding) and Game Boy World (which was based on Game Boy branding). It's meant to evoke ’80s commercial design while being just a tiny bit contemporary, too. Amazingly, the NES controller fit perfectly into the empty space created by the differences in length of "NES" and "WORKS". I dropped the NES controller graphic in there, which I had traced from a real controller photo (and it's therefore proportionately correct), and it lined up perfectly with the type boundaries — no adjustments needed. Seems like it was meant to be, really.

Oh, any by the way: Gintendo this afternoon. I'll be trying out Metroid Rogue Dawn, a recent ROM hack of Metroidthat supposedly is pretty rad. You can watch at the usual locale: