Some more Fluttershy Sketches

Fluttershy doodles from different days. Well, could be better. To me it's kinda hard to draw different characters just a bit. I tune myself to those I choose and try to get in the mood for them, picture them in my head... It's hard to focus now.

I had another surgery several days ago. Nothing as serious as before, but I'm recovering and I'm surprised I managed to keep the challenge rolling. I hate to make excuses but tough times are really very incompatible with calm drawing. If I had no obligations I'd take a month off. Serves me right, shouldn't bite more than I can chew. That's from an ep with Fluttershy, btw. ^__^

And once again the money made here on Patreon really helped. Thanks again, guys. I wish I could make more quality art for you. I'm trying every day to find a way.

Chicken! =D

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