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Alright, as you guys know we're very close to the end of the emerald series! After my recovery from my surgery i've spent the last few weeks absolutely working my ass off so i wouldn't have to make any hiatuses anymore until the end. So yeah, i've set up everything to run on queue, and i mean EVERYTHING (smackjeeves, storyboards, colored updates.... except DA's updates bc that bitch doesn't have a queue option, but everything is in my stash just waiting for upload). Of course i'll be always checking if i didn't screw up any upload dates and to correct grammar mistakes you guys will probably find on the way.

If you're wondering the reason for all this, it's basically bc i'm just waiting for the official notification to assume my new job on another city, and i know moving out is going to be hell and god knows how long it will take me to get proper internet connection for my pc (forgive me if it happens midway through the series final run, i probably won't be able to fix any mistakes in this case for a while). The askblog will be running normally as long as i'm still here in Campo Grande.

Speaking of askblog, i've decided that i'm going to leave it permanently open after the series ending, both submission and askbox so you guys can always leave gifts or still interact with the post comic characters (that survived lmao). That is until Tumblr finally finishes imploding itself, then i guess i'll lost all my archive, but at least the main comic will always be here lmao.

As for the patreon itself, i'm still not sure what i'm going to do, but at the very least i will keep everything i've uploaded intact and probably change the settings so you guys won't get charged while i don't start any new project. I'd probably set up new rewards prices and all that jazz in that case anyway, i didn't want to change my 2016 prices for this series bc i didn't feel it'd be fair to my patrons.

Oh, and i didn't forget about the fic contest!!! I'm trying to make something different with the prizes to compensate for the long wait, so don't worry it'll come out eventually :'3

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