Some of our History
      Welcome to our adventure. My brother and I are excited to share our talents and visions with you. We are taking a personal leap in putting this page out there for the public. Being that our talents and visions have, until now, remained hidden from all but a select few.

      We grew up in a small community with around seven hundred people. It is up in the mountains in a hidden little place that many people in the same state don't even know about. It is kind of the Bermuda Triangle in the sense that people come here to disappear. 

     We are two of eight children and we were raised with ink in our veins. It got in through osmosis. From notebooks we constantly carried around writing stories or drawing pictures in- or from one of the many books we couldn't put down until we finished.

     Our dad was an artist, and an author. He read to us from fantasy, science fiction, and French comic books. We couldn't get enough. He had to work as an elementary school teacher, among other things, to pay the bills, but he dreamed of putting his stories and pictures out there.

     He passed away in 1990 leaving our mother to raise the eight of us alone without ever seeing his dream happen. I suppose you could say that we are doing this as much for him as for ourselves.

    You get both of us during this venture in order to ensure the content is both plentiful and diverse. Josh is an artist as well as an author. I cannot draw a straight line with the aid of a ruler but I write, and between the two of us you will get a wider choice of stories and genres, not to mention the pictures!

     Josh and his small family moved with our mother, recently, to help take care of her. He and his wife run a Dojo for young kids, teaching them karate, but you can imagine it doesn't bring in much money, so the extra is really needed.

     I work in the middle of nowhere in a place I literally cannot tell you about. How does that catch your imagination? It is not as exciting as you may think, but the drive is excruciating and it has provided some interesting tales I may share here. I endure it because I am the main support for my family. My husband has Cystic Fibrosis and is unable to work full time. Through the miracle of modern medicine we have one child, a daughter. Someday, I hope I can change that to working full time at home... dare I say it? Writing...

     Our small community is unique enough that some stories from our neighborhood might drop in here as well. All in all, it won't be boring, but it will be good clean fun. It will be an escape from reality and hopefully rich in color and imagination. 

     Thank you again for joining us here to ride this out... and give this journey a chance. For as little as a dollar a month you can make a world of difference.