Some paintings- Portfolio Month !
Wanted to share a few of the paintings I've been kickin' around. Trying to bust up my brain after a lot of technical drawing, I'm trying to be loose and painterly here. 

Both of these pieces were pulled from some pictures I took when Pais and I traveled to Portland OR in 2017. The woods was sooo green it was amazing. I'm finding a similar peace that I had in those woods when I'm painting them. 

Portfolio Month

I've also been going through the stages of a new more detailed illustration during our streams. 

I started with a straight paint , but wasn't really happy with it so I went back to the drawing board. 

So I went back a nice pencil brush and started to lay in some nice detail lines. I'm real comfortable with lines so after this pass I started to feel a bit better. 

My friend Michael Doig also suggested I start by laying in some values. I've been struggling with color a lot lately, so this value pass is really helping me work with brush strokes and texture without getting upset at how bad my color is doing. 

There's been a lot of push and pull so far in this portfolio month, but it's good to struggle, means we're learning. 

Thanks for readin'! 

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