Some Patreon restructuring!
Heya, Kosmos fans and patrons! Trace here. You may know me as that guy right near the bottom of the site’s About page – I’m the site’s webmaster, and from here on out, I’m also helping with social media and Patreon management. Between their full-time jobs and work on Neokosmos, Shelby and Amber have had a pretty hefty workload, and that’s meant stuff like their Patreon page going neglected. No longer! Read on for a message from Shelby and Amber about what you can expect in future:

Hi guys! I hope you’re just as excited as we are about Trace helping out with things!! As you know, we’ve both been very busy and the Patreon fell a bit by the wayside. With extra help, we will be able to get you guys some great behind the scenes content while still devoting most of our free time to working on the actual updates. 

So to start with, this Patreon page is getting an overhaul to help make it clear both what you’ll be paying for, and what the money will go towards!


Early updates – from now on, every update is GUARANTEED to post to Patreon at least a day before it goes live on the site.

Works in progress – you’ll get to see WIP sketches and interesting tidbits about upcoming updates, as long as it wouldn’t totally ruin the surprise.

Storyboards – every now and then, you’ll get to see the original storyboard files for scenes in the comic.

Livestreams – we won’t have time to do them very often, but if we have the chance to stream some comic work, you’ll get a Patrons-only link!

Other bonus content – whenever we’ve got doodles, extra artwork, model sheets and the like to share, you’ll be sure to see it before anyone else! For example – the poster design that’s going up alongside this post.


Now that we have full-time jobs, money isn’t quite as pressing as it once was. Funds from Patreon, instead of going directly to us, are now helping to pay our collaborators like Adrienne and James. The comic couldn’t be what it is without them, and with your help, we’re able to pay them what they deserve.

In addition, we’d like to do some overhauls to the site – for example, adding navigation arrows instead of the clunky “next” button, making the archive page much better, and more little improvements here and there. We’re adding a stretch goal to our Patreon page to account for that!


Thank you so much for sticking with us, it means a lot to us! You’ve been great fans and gracious patrons, helping keep the site alive and the comic going, and we promise to make sure we deliver our very best from here on out!