Some Patreon Improvements
The AntiBunny Patreon has seen a couple of new updates.  First of all you'll notice a new pledge level for those who'd like to lend a little moral support to the

comic, but might not have much to spare in the form of Penny Patrons. 

Yes, one little cent per month.  What's the purpose of this level?  As I

said before it's so that patrons can lend a little moral support to the

comic even if they can't afford to lend any major financial support. 

This is the next best thing to being a patron for free and only requires

you sign up for a patreon account.  They use paypal now so you don't

even need to give them a credit card number.  Penny patrons will still

appear on the patreon page as supporters.  I'm also considering adding

new features, some of which will be available to penny patrons.

I've also removed the 25 cent pledge level and folded it into the $1 pledge.  This is simply because no one is using it, and so far all of my patrons are pledging at least that much.  The penny patrons will replace the 25 cent level as the low cost option.


up I've put up the new milestone goal of $10.  When pledges reach this

level the main antibunny site will get a new page listing all backers

and linking back to any of their own projects they'd like.  This section

will include Penny Patrons as well. Don't worry $1 and up patrons,

you'll still be listed in credits pages of the comic its self as well.


up, I think it's appropriate that Patrons get to see what they're

supporting, so henceforth the final version of every comic produced will

also go up on Patreon as soon as it's completed.  Given the way the

server updates that means it will sometimes show up on patreon a few

hours before it goes live on  What's more is that these

final versions of the comic will be FREE.  Anyone, patron or not, can

view them as soon as they go up on the patreon page.  By clicking the

"follow" button on my patreon you'll know as soon as they're live.


I'm looking to network with some other artists and cross promote our

works.  If you're a comic artist get in touch with me, and we can do

some cross promotion, and maybe pledge backs to one another.