Some Patreon Changes
Hey, so there are 7 pages left in Sorcery 101. Then I'm restructuring my website and my Patreon. So for November and December I'm not gonna post anything on patreon that will charge you. I'm only gonna post writer notes, which I know I have fallen behind on. 

I have tried to keep up with posting stuff early but it's mostly not working because Patreon doesn't let me schedule a post and I'm not at my computer because of conventions a lot. 

So after the change, I'm gonna switch to monthly amounts charges rather than weekly, because that has been something that prevents people from backing this. So I was thinking of posting a PDF that covers comics that will be posted that month on the first. And charge roughly $5 for it, so you can still read the comic add free and you get comics early.

I'll still post writer notes and during my break I'll get ahead on those so they won't be as late. Those will be for anyone. 

But I'm trying to think of other extra levels that aren't monthly sketch books, because don't think I have the time for something like that and I'd rather not promise something I can't fullfill. 

But, do you guys like seeing pencils or in progress pages? Do you wanna see scripts? Would a stream where you can request a 5 min warm up drawing work?