Some producing information about "Windmill"
Like every week-end, I've created a new track (yes i produce at least one new track per week-end). This Saturday, i come with something a bit disruptive : a Chill-House music that goes to EDM

I wanted a calm melody, but with a strong bass. I've started this track by placing the bass and the "mallet". People who know my music, know that have always two parts in my tracks. So, after the first up-lifter (a very classic one), I've change the beat and the bass to make it close to EDM style. The basic and instruments was not changed, only the volumes of them.

  • Secret 1: The synth that come at 1:28 was added after the 3rd record to give more energy to the second part of the track.
  • Secret 2: basic pattern is [AA-EE] [AA-EE] [AA-CC] [DD-EE]
    In french notation : la la mi mi, la la mi mi, la la do do, ré ré mi mi
  • Secret 3: this track is 123 BPM
  • Secret 4: The end of the track was redone 8 times

The picture of this track is from Wikipedia Commons: Dutch windmills, Holland, ca. 1905