Some Queer Short SFF - April 2018
After a March that didn’t see hardly any queer short SFF outside of venues exclusively geared toward it, April brings a veritable shower of content. Leading the pack is Anathema with four stories, then Glittership, Fireside Magazine, and Augur Magazine, each with three stories. Clarkesworld has two, and a slew of others have one a piece. I can only hope that there’s no drought on the horizon, and that instead there’s a summer bloom of outstanding queer short SFF to come.

A few notes: I included the Wanak piece not because I thought the MC was queer but because it did (in my opinion) a great job with the queer characters represented, and they did play a large role in the story. I’ve also included all of the remaining original fiction from Glittership’s most recent issue, which came out this month. Not all of these stories are out for free yet, but Glittership is so worth checking out, so I very much recommend buying yourself a copy now and then also enjoying the stories when the podcasts drop later. Same story with Augur, where there are previews of the stories available now as well as the issue for sale, but the individual stories won’t be released for free until later.

For bonus points: Seriously I am so happy that “Logistics” and “Don’t Pack Hope” are out in the same month because I feel they go so so well together. Please go out and read these two back-to-back and see if it doesn’t enhance your enjoyment of both.

“Stay”, Davian Aw (Augur)

“The Huntsman’s Sequence”, Octavia Cade (Glittership)

“The God of Small Chances”, by L Chan (Augur)

“You Inside Me”, Tori Curtis (Glittership)

"Death is Only the Beginning", K.R. Diaz (Anathema)

“Logistics”, A.J. Fitzwater (Clarkesworld)

“The Imitation Sea”, Lora Gray (Shimmer)

“Violets on the Tongue”, Nin Harris (Clarkesworld)

"White Noise", Kai Hudson (Anathema)

“The Tale of the Ive-ojan-akhar’s Death”, Alex Jeffers (GigaNotoSaurus)

“Nitrate Nocturnes”, Ruth Joffre (Lightspeed)

“Into the Gray”, Margaret Killjoy (Tor)

“Lucy the Third”, Michael Milne (The Overcast)

“You Can Go Anywhere”, Jen Neale (Augur)

“Don’t Pack Hope”, Emma Osborne (Nightmare)

“50 Ways to Leave Your Fairy Lover”, Aimee Picchi (Fireside Magazine)

"A Whistle on the Drum", Mir Plemmons (Anathema)

“Pistol Grip”, Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Uncanny)

“Fireskin”, Joanne Rixon (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

"The Calm the Love the Traceless Land", Sara Saab (Anathema)

“Never Alone, Never Unarmed”, Bobby Sun (Glittership)

“On Good Friday the Raven Washes Its Young”, Bogi Takács (Fireside Magazine)

“One For Sorrow, Two For Joy”, LaShawn M. Wanak (Fireside Magazine)