Some questions you might have.
What are you putting this money toward? Student loans. I went to art school, so I have a lot of student loan debt. That’s basically it. Will you be keeping ads on Girlbot’s website? Yes, I will. It’s part of my arrangement with Hiveworks, and to remove them, I’d have to basically redesign the site, anyway, which would be a giant pain in the butt. The ads stay, sorry. Will downloadable stuff like wallpapers and sketchbooks be available for only the month you put them out? Nope! With any downloadable items I make for my patrons, I plan to keep them available more-or-less indefinitely. I also plan to go back to some older wallpapers I previously offered as Paypal donation incentives, fix them up, and release them to patrons, as well. What’s a Dumb Girlbot Comic? It’s my chance to draw a silly gag comic starring Girlbot and/or Raccoon themed around a word or short phrase. They don’t take nearly as long to draw as the normal comic, and I think they’re pretty funny sometimes??? How will the wallpaper art raffle work? As I’ve done in the past with Paypal donations, I use a virtual ticket system and a simple randomizer to determine who wins the prize. Each dollar a patron pledges per month will count as a ticket and go into lottery bank. So if I’m getting $150 per month (for example) a patron pledging $10 a month will have a 1-in-15 chance, or ~7% likelihood, of winning. I randomize the list of names according to the number of tickets and then pick a random number from that list. So it doesn’t automatically go to the person who pledges the most, but the more you pledge, the higher your chances. What about offering more comic updates? Well, I feel like the bonus comic pledge goal is kinda that, but I see what you're saying. I'd like to update Girlbot three times a week again, but I'm going to be developing a second on-going webcomic to launch later this year. With that making demands of my time and attention, I don’t want to promise more frequent Girlbot updates unless I’m sure I can keep it. Wait, what other comic? I’m working with the fine people of Hiveworks to launch a new comic called Wonderlust, which will be a totally different animal from Girlbot. I’ll be posting a lot about it when it launches. Or you could support my Patreon at the $10-a-month level and find out about it before anyone else. Just saying.
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