Some quick updates
First I will try to get a channel update out next week if possible otherwise their won't be one this month and this will have to suffice.

Second one attachment and a link:

The link is a link to a Google Spreadsheet Calendar which is my planned upload schedule for the rest of the year, basically if everything goes according to plan this is when certain series will get updates (granted things never go according to plan and so this will likely be irrelevant but a man can hope right?).

Upload Schedule Calendar

The attachment is a slightly updated version of an attachment from a number of months ago. This is the spreadsheet that I use to determine roughly how much extra money I would be able to spend on the channel if all my subscribers were to pledge even just 1 USD a month, though I do include the other tiers so that I can experiment with different combinations. It is not 100% accurate since I have yet to add the mug for the 20USD and up tiers but I don't see anyone grabbing any of those tiers anytime soon and this is mostly just meant to demonstrate how far 1USD/month can go. For the most part the only cells you should touch are the ones in gray/grey that are lined up with the $XX Tier Users.

In other news I am thinking of doing some Empire modding tutorials for Stellaris.

tl;dr: Stuff that will be reiterated in the channel update video for this month if I have the time to make it.