some REVIEWS of the program so far:
would anyone like to read some reviews of the first month of my new Mentorship Program?  if you're on the fence about joining the group, maybe this will help:

When I first joined, I didn’t hesitate. Scott told me about the program and I knew it was a good idea to learn from him. I learned more from him with modeling and my photography than I did earning my BFA in photography for four years. Each time we talk on the phone or I work at the studio, it is a learning experience. He takes pride in what he does and cares about those who care about him. I highly recommend the program if you are serious. HIGHLY!

-Cortney Ellis

When I first thought about joining, my only reservation was that Scott had a different style than what I was aiming for. My main focus is Fashion, and although I have loved his work for years I wasn’t sure if it would translate to my work.

I just decided to take a chance after all the path to success does not matter what genre of photography I do. I am not disappointed at all with my decision.

Within the first week using his advice, I gained new clients and opportunities I didn’t think about before. I have new boutiques that use my work and give me wardrobe for shoots.

As far as what I produce, I now look at my work with a more critical eye, things I would let slide before, now I can’t even think about not correcting. The weekly calls are not only motivating, they make me think and question my actions.

Overall, I have told other photographers about the program and would definitely recommend it. I can confidently say that spending the fee is totally worth it and it will definitely help me grow and reach my goals!!

-William Roberts

I have been participating in Scott Church's events, both in a group setting and one-on-one, for four years now. In that time, the quality of my photos has steadily improved. This is in no small part due to Scott's tutelage, the occasions he provides to put instruction into action, and inspiration from his own body of work. His expertise and passion for his art go far beyond the style and content that he is best-known for, and he is most willing to share the benefit of his experience with no agenda other than to improve the quality and professionalism of everyone in the field.

I know Scott to be an excellent teacher, and one for whom it seems to come naturally. Anyone who has had the chance to meet him in a class setting knows that he is enthusiastic, engaging, and eager to educate (all that alliteration's amazing, ain't it? :D ). He excels at making models and photographers alike feel comfortable, regardless of their degree of experience or ability. With all that knowledge there for the taking, the Mentorship Program is the next logical step that enables him to better personalize what he shares with each student.

With what I've already learned in the past four years, joining the Mentorship Program was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Being able to discuss specific concerns and aspects of my own skill set that I feel are in need of improvement on a regular basis has allowed me to pick Scott's brain in ways that wouldn't be available - or necessarily of interest to others - in a group setting. Our discussions have already yielded useful information that I have been able to apply to my own work. Combine that with additional days when the studio is available for program participants to work on sharpening their skills or to observe Scott in action during his own shoots and the program has already more than demonstrated its worth to me in less than a month that I've been a part of it.

As time goes on, I anticipate taking further advantage of the many features available to members of the program, and I fully expect to see my abilities progress as a result. In the end, I may not be the best photographer there ever was, but I'll definitely be the best photographer *I* ever was. I highly recommend the Mentorship Program to anyone else who seeks the same.

-John Salim

Ive already recommended this program to others so heres what I told them: i was initially hesitant to "waste" the time of an experienced professional for something that was "just a hobby" in the controlled chaos burn of the rest of my life. Those concerns melted away after my first conversation with Scott. He has shown me that he is passionate about helping anyone at any level.

What ive gotten out of this so far: a clearer view of my goals and priorities for improving my skills, a portfolio review with honest and applicable feedback and multiple opportunities to learn the process of idea to product through in person teaching and phone conferencing.

I was doing a lot of things poorly that i didnt even know were problematic and am continuing to move forward in that process. I wouldnt know how to be better without this program.

-Jessica Parkes Hoffer

I am mostly a self-taught photographer and have been doing photography with a professional intent for about 10 years.

I have owned several studios in Virginia and now PA, participated in many workshops by Scott Church and some others. Also had the privilege to preside over the Yorktown Camera Club in Yorktown Va. and mentored many other upcoming photographers.

I have had many failures and many successes; my skills have grown and I am achieving more and more of my goals and improving the craft with each passing day and every click on the camera.

I am happy to report that the few weeks I have spent in the program it has been quite refreshing and motivational.

Scott seems genuinely interested and invested in making this a successful program and helping its participants. 

He has so far put forward the time and effort to demonstrate his commitment.

Among the goals I have set for myself this year is to get published in one or more of the top tier magazines, I will also gladly take any other publications I can get into but the goal is to achieve the Gold Standard.

Only a few people have the experience and credentials that Scott has in accomplishing this feat of being published and contributing to multiple top tier publications so I am confident on his capabilities. 

I look forward to my continued participation and contribution in the SCMP, and commend Scott Church on his work and efforts thus far.

-Juan Irizarry

For those of you on the fence about this program let me give you a little background. I picked up my first camera about 3 years ago. Like many, what started as hobby turned into an obsession. I would go out and shoot everyday. I would devour books about photography and took numerous online classes. I saw my work gradually improve but still not to the level I wanted to be. Then after talking to Scott’s assistant (Alan) I decided to give modeling photography a try and started attending the shootout events. On two separate occasions at these shootouts I asked for advice regarding certain topics and Scott completely changed my mind about certain techniques and topics and changed for the drastically better. If you want to know what that advise was; sign up for the program. The truth is I have been looking for mentor in photography for a while. Therefore when Scott announced the mentorship program a light bulb went of: if this man can drastically improve the quality of my work in a matter of minutes, imagine what he can do when interacting with me on regular basis. I pounced on the opportunity and have absolutely no regrets. 

The great thing about Scott’s program is that he will tailor it to your needs. It’s not like a classroom where there is a “topic of the day”. It’s designed to educate you on your specific needs, answers your questions, and improve the quality of your work. For me Scott has definitely done that and then some! I can see the improvements almost immediately. Furthermore if you have questions about publishing, publicity etc. Scott had been there and done that, and done it successfully. 

So if you are on the fence about this, get off the fence and jump in with both feet. I promise you that you will not regret it.

-Kirk Kulgavin

I too am a self taught photographer. And I think I did ok if I want to stay where I am. But I want to grow and be a professional paid and published photographer. That being said I have gotten so much motivation and knowledge in this brief time. Scott Church is a true professional. He is funny, intelligent and is willing to help me. I now have focus and goals to meet. I believe that I am not paying Scott, I am making an investment in Me. Thank you !!!

Ps- I also just got my first commission for my work to be permanently displayed.

-Adam Goldman

Ok here's my humble observation and review. Initially I was on the fence about joining a group of professional and experienced artist stepping into foreign territory and learning a new language . I'm happy with my choice to join. Honestly I do think I jumped in to a more advanced group rather than starting with a beginner group however my decision to take that challenge was due to wanting to learn from the best of the best even if it meant I needed to struggle at first. My first conversation with Scott regarding the class/group answered my questions and concerns I have not seen any deviation from him off the path I chose to take. He has been true to his word . On a side note I am a registered nurse my profession and training is to ALWAYS be assessing people situations etc. I'm no fool I may be ignorant to all the details and information about photography/art but that's exactly why I chose to sign up learn do I get my creativity my visions out into the real world verses being stuck in my waiting room in my head. All that being said thank you for accepting me and having patience while I learn one step at a time. I do hope we as a group can all meet face to face personally that would help with my learning . I'm sure the time will come when that will happen in the meantime it's been nice to have a new group of friends to chat with online.

-Gina Schreiber

Before I can properly review this program and Scott I feel everyone needs to know a little about me too. I’m probably the oldest member of this crew and have a daughter just starting college, this info will come into contest as this review goes on. I’m also a loyal and honest person who will not patronize anyone with hopes of any form of gain in return, in other words brutally honest.

To continue here I have been following Scott's work for around 10 years or more and watched it’s progression. What has always intrigued me is his ability to show the details of not only the main subject but also the various alternate subjects within the same shot. Do I like all of his work, no; but that is to be expected since photography is such a subjective form. Last year I had the opportunity to attend one of his workshops/shootouts where I really went to observe and listen. From that one day I walked away with knowledge from Scott's experience that has helped me tremendously. In this past month I had the opportunity to attend another of his member workshops and I walked away from that with an appreciation for the man “Scott” for the way he talked with people. Scott is also brutally honest, just as myself, and my feeling is that he will not patronize you just to keep you in the mentor-ship for his financial gain. Maybe what impressed me the most was his willingness to stand up for a friend of his against peers within his business, without any hesitation and being very adamant about it. That shows me honor and integrity. Remember the honor and loyalty comment in the first paragraph and don’t expect me to elaborate on this.

Unfortunately, due to my work (remember the daughter in college) and commitment to my family (4 hrs away from where I live) my time is limited for this. Why this interested me is because It will work at my pace and schedule and I believe Scott’s method of running this is going to work within those parameters. So, I have not taken a lot from it this past month but I have not put a lot into it either, you are not going to be spoon fed so if you put into it you will get knowledge from experience out of it. What needs to happen here is for us to take that knowledge from Scott's experience and apply it to our own lives and style and not to imitate Scott. Also for this to last we as individuals need to respect Scott’s space and try not to overwhelm him either, as long as he enjoys this and sees progression from members his interest in providing knowledge will continue. That’s just human nature. My concern about this is how Scott controls it from spiraling out of control as becoming to large for him to control.

-Jim Ropel

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve joined Scott Church’s mentor program. At first I was hesitant because I thought I would be intimidated by the group of highly talented photographers. After my first phone call with Scott, I wasn’t nearly as worried about being in over my head. With working a full time job that is very demanding of my time, he understood and is willing to work with me on my schedule.

What I like the most about this program, the fact that he is honest, not rude or mean, but he tells you exactly what you need to do to make your work better. If it’s a simple crop or something more, you know it will be honest and constructive. Plus the whole group in general has been supportive as well.

I honestly can’t wait to attend one of his workshops, my fault so far, and learn from him in person. If you’re on the fence about joining the group, ask yourself what is better then having a professional like Scott and his team, and a very supportive group of photographer from all walks of life and different talent levels, helping you get better?

I highly suggest giving this program a serious shot.

-Rusty George