Some (Small) Changes
Hello to our devoted supporters,

You may have noticed today that we've updated our Patreon page so that Patreon supporters only get charged now every time we release an episode, rather than once per month. Originally I had intended to make this show monthly, but my schedule is already so crammed that keeping episodes coming at a high enough quality that I'm proud of them means it has essentially been bi-monthly instead. I don't think it's fair to charge you money in months you're not getting new episodes, so I've updated our payments to reflect that. If we ever do become monthly, I will likely change it back, but for now that should be a positive change. 

Additionally, I had originally intended to do transcripts of every episode, but that has proven very time-consuming as well, not least because transcription is a very involved process. So going forward, I will likely be doing away with transcripts in favor of doing some Patreon-exclusive expanded show notes that provide more information on the show topics and guests, but not word-for-word accounts of what was in the episode. If I get a lot of feedback saying you'd prefer to keep the transcripts, I may still do so, but if they're not a main reason you want to support us then I probably will remove them.

I am hoping to have an episode for you in the next month, and I will likely also release a bonus mini-episode (Patreon-only, and you won't be charged for it) featuring some extended conversation with Anna Perttu, the geologist from our last episode, discussing some other fascinating overlaps between folk tales and geology.

I am always immensely grateful for your support, and welcome any suggestions you have for improving the show. If you have suggestions on how you think our show could reach more people, as well, I'd love to hear those, too!

Thank you so much for sticking with us, and bearing with our growing pains.


-Cory Thomas Hutcheson