Hey, you lovely Acid Flies and higher Patrons! I know I don't have any regular rewards for you, but I thought I'd say thanks for supporting me, and throw in some stuff you might have wanted a while back.

It's (very) incomplete, but here's a prototype map with some helpful additions! The upper section has two smaller maps that show roughly where The Wandering Inn would be in relation to Liscor, as well as some nearby cities...

And here's something else! I'm attaching a very useful timeline of events which I plan to use to revise Volume One! It's got actual ages, so I can accurately pinpoint chronological errors. Oh, and distances too. Sorry it's not metric--I meant to use kilometers, but I'm bad with distances either way and I just ended up using the weird other system.

Hope you enjoy it! I probably WILL release this stuff to everyone on Patreon, and then the public soon enough, but you guys get to see it first! Feel free to annoy people with hints on Discord and elsewhere, but no spoilers yet please! If you've got questions I'll try to answer them without giving spoilers of my own.

Thanks for supporting the story!

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