Some Stuff I Am Thinking About That Need Doing
I am on the road, alternately sleeping in a tent and people's homes. In late Jan, 2017, I headed out of San Diego. I'm in Phoenix right now, planning to spend some time in the Southwest. Sometime in spring, I will be in New York City, where my daughter is temporarily living, along with my son-in-law and four grandkids.

Then to friends in New England, then westward through the northern states in the summer. In Aug, I'm looking forward to landing at a didgeridoo gathering in Oregon. By then, I will be meeting and greeting a John McManamy I never knew.

There's a book in that, of course. One where I connect to completely new readers. In the meantime, there is my New Heart, New Start blog. 

Then there's the stuff where I strengthen my ties to the people who have been with me since Day One. This is my depression-bipolar readership. We've come a long way together.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have two books in The Bipolar Expert Series out. The two, on mood and behavior, are all about knowing thyself. Without ruthless self-inquiry, recovery is a nonstarter. This leads me to my next book, on recovery, tentatively titled, ARRIVING.

Like my previous books, I am planning a rehash of material I have published as blogs and articles, with some kind of narrative hook. Like my previous books, though, this won't happen. Somehow, in the process of rehashing, a few burning questions get stuck in my mind, demanding my attention. Then the book takes on a life of its own. I'm just the poor guy taking dictation.

Yes, I will draw from stuff I have researched and written on, but - trust me - this will be a recovery book like no other. I can't wait to find out how it turns out.

In addition, there will be more articles on my website, mcmanweb. The website has been going since late 2000. In 20016, I completely redid the site, with a new look and mobile-friendly pages. I do my pages from scratch in Dreamweaver. I now know way more nerd-geek stuff than is healthy for a person with artistic sensibilities.

Except for my personal stories and bios of famous people and a few other bits and pieces, every article is different than what I started out with. Last year, I thoroughly vetted every piece. The ones I wasn't so sure about, I took offline. Some of them I revived with a fresh injection of new insights. Others await my further attention.

Then I added a whole bunch of new material, often cool stuff we had no idea about just a few years ago. For instance, thanks to new brain scan studies, we now know yoga and meditation can induce positive structural changes in the brain. In other words, doing what is good for you is not just a temporary feel-good effect that wears off. Through regular practice, we can literally rebuild our brains. Yeh, I have that article now.

Things to do on my website:

Completely rework my articles on food and diet. The basic info is there, but I need to develop essential points, especially on fat and sugar. We've been lied to on fat being the enemy. Sugar is what we need to pay attention to. 

An article or two on the gut. We're basically a walking colony of microbes. What happens in the digestive tract affects the brain. I've done the research, I've sat through the seminars. Now I need to write the article.

Depression in the elderly. Years ago, I had an article on this. I took it down in 2011, thinking I'd get around to presenting a more complete picture. Well, you know how it goes.

Electric devices, VNS, rTMS, magnetic therapy, etc. My old article on this has been offline for some time. I need to bring it back with fresh new info.

More science articles. We are only scratching the surface. We don't have the answers, but some very smart people are asking interesting questions.

Okay, you have the general idea. My daughter suggested that I also need to add click-bait on my site, you know, "Seven Things You Need to Know About This," "Six Things You Need to Forget About That." 

I tend to frown on click-bait, but my daughter raised a number of valid points that boiled down to making my content more accessible to busy people. Who am I not to listen to my daughter? 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was delighted with how my video collaboration with Maggie Reese turned out. Even though I'm on the road, I need to keep that collaboration going.

Also, I need to get some podcasts and webcasts going. I had the opportunity recently to be a guest on someone else's podcast. I think I'm finally getting the concept. A year and a bit ago, I did a webcast hosted by the International Bipolar Foundation. The webcast was a great success, but it was a hell of a lot of work - I had about 110 slides, all "handmade" - so I need to figure out an easier way of doing these things.

Then there is my writing for play. These are the three novels in The Barkley Bohner Saga. Late last year, I published BARKLEY BOHNER: CELEBRITY PHILOSOPHER and BARKLEY BOHNER: MAN OF ACTION.

In the first, Barkley Bohner solves a quantum reality puzzle and  saves the world, only to accidentally found a new world religion.

In the second, our improbable hero ventures into the Amazon to solve the worldwide religious crisis he accidentally set in motion, only to discover that in his absence he has been elected President of the US.

So here I was, wondering what I was going to put in my third novel, when something even more improbable than Barkley Bohner getting elected President happened. So, imagine this scene: Our new President late at night, in bathrobe and slippers, heading down to the White House kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He looks down the corridor and spots another person in bathrobe and slippers with the same thing on his mind - Donald Trump.

Realities collide ...

I have ten chapters. Can't wait to find out what happens in Chapter 11.

So here I am right now, in a Starbucks in Phoenix. I need to put gas in the car and pick up supplies. This afternoon, I will be across town in Apache Junction.  The adventure continues ...