Some thoughts about Bhakti.....
Tier Benefits
Living Room Sessions
$1 or more per month
Thank you for your generous gift
Even a dollar goes a long way, and I’m so happy that you are joining the community here. You’ll have access to the activity feed where I’ll post behind-the-scenes images and updates, we’ll talk and share with one another, and help this community grow. But there’s no need to stop at one dollar - five or ten helps even more!!!! 

Love and gratitude, 


Story Time + Living Room Sessions
$5 or more per month
At least once a month I will tell you a story either from the amazing Vedic tradition or from my own unique and sometimes crazy personal life story.
$100 Tier
$100 or more per month
1-on-1 Tutorial session
We’ll chat 1-on-1 each month to work on an instrument of your choice. Plus all previous rewards.
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