Some thoughts on that trailer...
The first teaser for The Last Jedi is here and I have some thoughts.

First off, I am very excited about this being directed by Rian Johnson. And the trailer left me extremely intrigued, but they really put the tease in teaser on this one. Maybe it feels so different because with The Force Awakens, we pretty much ONLY saw new characters in that first teaser. It was all so new and exciting. This time, we mostly just saw Rey on the island from the end of TFA. Again, don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see her interactions with Luke. And at least we see and hear some Luke this time. I just thought they would show us a glimpse of some new locations and new characters. We'll probably get a ton of that whenever we get the first full trailer. They DID give us those new weird ships leaving the red smoke. I'm excited to see what those are. But that last line of the trailer is obviously the most intriguing part. Why is it time for the Jedi to end? I have some thoughts and predictions. Stop reading now if you don't want to hear them. But also, I'm usually wrong, so, whatever.

Why is it time for the Jedi to end? I think that Luke is realizing that even though the Jedi are there to do good, they bring on the bad. The Sith Lords and whatever exactly Kylo Ren is, are the result of Jedi turned to the dark side. Maybe Luke has been in hiding because he thinks he's caused more harm than good. But then, why is he training Rey? I mean, that sure appears to be what's happening.

I also think Disney is trying to mess with us a bit. They put that line in the trailer with no context AND they put his face in red, next to Kylo Ren's face in red on the poster. I think they're still trying to maybe make us think that Luke has possibly turned to the dark side. A lot of people thought that from the lack of Luke on the TFA trailers and posters. But, now we know why he wasn't there, he was barely in the movie. So, I think they're taking that and running with it. I do not for a second think Luke has turned.

Kylo Ren's crushed helmet was also intriguing. What happened? Is he done with the helmet? I don't know what happened, but I do think he's done with the helmet. Does this matter at all? Probably not. It may be as simple as giving Adam Driver more face time.

Speaking of more face time, we also saw Captain Phasma for a brief moment. Now, it had already been said that she would be back, but how? How is she not dead? How did she get off of Starkiller? Last we saw of her, she was supposedly being thrown into the trash compactor. How did she escape? Well, looks like we'll be getting an answer sooner than the movie. They just announced a new Phasma comic book mini series, Escape from Starkiller Base.

Here's my prediction. If I'm right, I'll feel really cool. When I'm wrong, I won't be surprised. That first shot of the trailer? It's also the first shot of the movie. When the trailer starts, it looks like space, then the image gets lighter and you see that it's just a rock. We've been told that the movie starts right where TFA left off, so I'm predicting some visual trickery. The opening crawl will appear to be in space, but then it'll actual be that rock. Again, I'll be wrong, but won't it be impressive if I'm right?

Also, we got no glimpse of Laura Dern. Who will she be? And Benicio Del Toro is supposedly in this movie. I thought we'd see at least one of them in the trailer. I have so many questions and got almost no answers. But at the end of the day, I think I might prefer it this way.