Hey gang -- I just wanted to let y'all know that I don't think I'll have a comic this week - I had a death in the family and had to do some traveling and didn't have the time on my plate to do a PLTM. I'm real sorry and there will be a new one next week!

The other bit of news: is that as we approach number 400 in a couple weeks, I think i'm going to be winding PLTM down as a regular strip. Unfortunately, most of my best comic ideas are going elsewhere - and I don't quite have the time to handle thinking up an original joke every week and I'm starting to feel a bit burnt out on the format! That isn't to say that I'm done doing gag strips, I'll still make them when a good idea passes my way, but 8 years of strips is pretty good, I reckon. 

SO WHAT HAPPENS to the Patreon? 

WELL: There is a fiction project that I'll be announcing in a few weeks that I've been working on for a while that I'm going to run the pages here as I finish them, once a week. I totally understand if you want to change or modify your pledge - this other thing isn't what you signed up for! But I hope you'll stay on, I think it's really good and funny and definitely a lot of the same sensibilities as my other work.

The people who give to this have enabled me to do something I really love for a long time, and I'm eternally thankful. 

More soon.