Some very sad news
It is with a great deal of sorrow that I report Gethsemane was found dead today.
She has been a constant and loyal companion these past 8 years. An immense source of joy in our lives and a beloved pet. I love her dearly still and will until the day I join her in death.

I have buried her body on the front garden were she would often bask in the sun and where I can see her grave from my desk.

There were no marks of violence or trauma on her. She looked peaceful, as if she died in her sleep.

Thank you to everyone who joined the search for her and especially to the local children who found her and took me to her body then who stayed with me till I was able to compose myself enough to bring her home. It should never have to fall to children to comfort their elders but they rose to the moment and did their best. I will be ever grateful.

Rest in peace Gethsemane my dear friend. Being your human was a very special thing