Some words on happiness or possible happiness
The word and meaning ''Happiness'' is made and tailored to man and his needs. There's no absolute happiness, its' only a matter of moments, thus there are only happy moments. This is a Rule of life, always; thus we should all be aware, of rythm that governs life..There are bad moments, to worst ones, and good moments to the best ones. 

Happiness starts alerady inside us. It's related to our deep self, our experiences but mostly the way we see things!. If we take conscience, on how each monent in our life changes, then we'd almost not be worried of anything. We must first see things the way they are, neither consider them worse nor better. However we can improve our life, and enrich it with more better moments, by being aware that there's a solution to any problem. if we are too sad or confused, we must develop mostly positive thinking, and also take conscience, that a solution to a problem, may not be ideal at times, but it's at least a solution. 

We must be calm and cool tempered at diffcult moments, and not let our sadess or anger prevail. Thus we can develop relationship with others, in a n harmony way. And learn mostly, to be disciplined to ourself first.

(This article of course does not imply that our happiness is restricted to what is said above, nor 'finished', but to make a good start, we must be friend to ourselves, and try to enjoy life, and each moment, the way it's offered to us, and not waste it. (not waste life).

In an article in the future, we could say more and analyze the word ''happiness'' more deeply...