I'm oddly proud of this episode. I know it's something that people are curious about but cautioned not to ask about. I know that I'm cis and have limits to my instructions. I did the right thing though and I reached out to trans men and women who could share their experiences with me. And then I got to write down my own ideas and share them with them. Which, as I hasn't expected, was pleasantly received. Like, I had taught them something about themselves. And that is where my quirky smile is flexing itself right now. I'm feeling more comfortable with my guts and knowing that while I can't speak for anyone but myself, I can speak, and try, and put the decades of sexual knowledge out there with a lower likelihood of causing harm than I worry about. So thanks all of you for giving me our time and questions and support. I love being on this journey with you and I hope I impress you more and more than I let you down. 

Oh, and if I'm off in my thinking and I did indeed cause harm, please call me out on it and I'll do my best to make it better.