Something about my development tools
   Hi, friends!

   Sorry for my bad English - I'm Russian...

   Russian version of the post is here (Русская версия поста здесь)

   In my first post I want to say a few words about software I use at work. (Read my profile for more complete information about my activities)

   My main tool for developing mobile games is game editor Construct 2. In general, this product is suitable for creating browser-based applications in a format HTML5. However, Construct 2 is well suited for small casual games. Maybe in the future I will learn more powerful and functional software. I think it will happen no earlier than my income on reach $ 500 per month. But now I want to devote all my spare time developing games...

   I generally use the Adobe Flash to create graphics and animations in my applications... Yes, yes, I agree that there are many other better software for such needs. But I'm used to this editor. I know Flash well enough (but not Action Script). By the way, the video attached to the post illustrates a small fragment of my work.

   Sometimes I use Manga Studio to create backgrounds. This is the third point of my list of programs.

   And the final point of my list is Adobe Photoshop. I know this editor worse than the others listed, but sometimes I use it too

   These are the tools with which I am working at the moment. This is enough to create a high-quality mobile applications. Of course, my games are far from that level now... But I hope that will help me to achieve respective heights!

   P.S. Games always inspired me, especially games from Sega - my childhood is closely related to games from Sega. Sonic the Hedgehog - my first and probably the favorite game from Sega. I am very happy that now I can play it on your tablet running Android! All I need is to download special emulator and the game file... Also everybody can download the game already adapted for Android. I downloaded such game recently. And, of course, I attached it to this post as .apk. Maybe someone also wants to play.