Something a bit different...
A friend of mine got into doing art a few years ago, and has tried almost everything from airbrushing to oil paints and does pretty well with most of them.

He sent me this pic, on the left, that he'd been working on using a new Wacom tablet, and while starting to learn Corel's Painter. He was having difficulty getting the pose right, and I agreed- it's awkward and not... dynamic, I guess.

After a heavy day in the shop, I was kind of looking for something relaxing to do, so I spent... well, a little too long cleaning it up. Tweaking this, redrawing that, a lot of "hum, that doesn't look right, what if I move it over here... Oh God! Undo! Undo!" :)

But, eventually, I thought the rework came out well. It's still never going to appear in a Marvel comic, and I still don't know how to properly fix the face- just not enough experience drawing regular people, y'know? :)

But still a fun exercise. I just don't do enough art-for-art's-sake type of stuff. :)