Something Like Summer - Page 004
Tim freaking Wyman. Wow. 

With this page, we’ve reached the end of the prologue. That didn’t take long! If you’re wondering why Cassy and I mention twice that we wrote and illustrated this comic, it’s not because we’re desperate for you to recognize that fact. Okay, maybe a little, but someday when these are collected into a graphic novel, we’ll ditch the credits at the bottom of each page. Right now it’s just there in case anyone shares these pages and people want to find the source. I could imagine many people sharing this page, because come on! Please don’t do that yet though. These are still Patreon only at the moment.

Tim Wyman… All of the sudden, I’ve got a certain Rick Astley song running through my head. I’m never gonna give him up! And yes, if you watch the video, that’s exactly the dance I do while looking at this page.