Something happend! :O ♥
Something happened :) ♥ I know I posted my new video on patreon which I was going to post Tuesday! But that will be now put public on youtube 15th July. I've been working on an original song with a "Bigger" team then my usual only me and my mum for a few months ;) Somebody made me the video and I can't wait to put it online. I can say this is my very first real PRO video :) And I'm just too excited! Today I must finish the music for it and Tuesday I will upload it ♥ Now because this is really so exciting for me and because the team is me + 3 other people who will upload it the same day I can not release it before on patreon so I hope you enjoy watching Youth ;) ♥ And Tuesday I hope you will be amazed ;) I am so happy with the result :) Now you can see what my videos could become like with all the help you give me :) ♥ So this Tuesday is going to be very exciting! :) ♥ I go work now ;) Sing sing sing ;) Write to you all soon! :) Much Love ♥♥♥ Ivana