Something different this week
It has taken me a week or so to recover from the Open Studio weekend! My oh My! I am so happy and delighted at the results. I have now begun Group painting classes and my private classes are also growing! This young woman has been with me for a year or two now, and she has been working on a large detailed oil painting of a lion. For a change this week she wanted to do a Watercolour Mandala. 
My approach is to listen, encourage and find a way to do what the creative soul breathes into us.  So many times we get told "no" you cant do that, or we get diverted in the opposite direction. This was her idea, and it was such a delight to do. Her idea encouraged her Mum and her Nan to join in as well.  (And me too!) Sometimes the ideas that take us sideways end up being the best ones of all!

Allowing students and clients to choose their own path, without criticism, without restrictions and the freedom to create from their own soul is nothing but life giving and healing to say the least. What a delight it is to take this journey with so many people. I love my job, I love the results and I especially love seeing people come alive!  

"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings" William Blake