Something to do if you're bored
Since movie night is delayed at the moment, here are a couple of my links your can check out while we are waiting. 

Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated! I've got big things coming to these sites so make sure to follow!

My Etsy Store: I post all of my perler projects on here as well as artwork. I manage a local artists work here. We are both open for commission work if you are looking to get something done :)

My DeviantArt page: This is where you can look at all of my photoshoots, photography work, perler creations, journals(which I need to catch up on), artwork, cosplays and best of all...PRINTS!:) Go check it out and follow the page for notifications of recent uploads. It's just a place where I can showcase almost everything I do.

G2A: I am sure you guys have heard me talk about this one. G2A is an online marketplace where you can buy games for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Their sales are awesome. They sell Steam games, Xbox games, Playstation games, game cards and time cards. You can also use my promo code NES33 to save another 3% off your purchase. If anything, the more you buy from this site, the more you are helping me with my sponsorship and  I will be entirely grateful to you. Make G2A your first choice for game shopping!