something to chew on - American social tendencies
DISCLOSURE: this is pure opinion and subjective and was written in a split. In no way, shape or form did I try to marginalize any particular groups by mentioning/not mentioning them, but rather provide my version of an objective view of American social acceptance and progression, where the white European men mostly, benefited on behalf of the Native peoples and other marginalized groups until eventually women and African Americans joined the inner circles of wealth at the top. 



if one person believes that they are correct in their own view, philosophy or frame of thinking, they have a right to that but how far does too far go? if an argument is made, there is a clear rebuttal, the initial argument is repeated and again, the clear rebuttal is the more convincing argument, how many times can said person repeat the same idea. How far is communication going if "everybody" knows, (in this case, everybody would know that one repeated argument can be known and universally accepted or universally disagreed with)

How long did or will it take most of society to not bring up someone's sexuality in public? (referring to the culture revolution from 1960's-present of accepting an individual group of people, public gay men and gay women, without anyone else's objections within the workplace)

For example: a black gay man kissed his boyfriend on national television in front of American football fans in 2014 compared to Emmett Till, who was publicly hung for whistling at a white woman while visiting family in a different state

Transgender Americans are publicly ridiculed, like the homosexuals have been, like women and all people of color. Socially, African-Americans and women climbed through corporate ladders and cleared the way for generations after through societies' overall evolution within the states.

For example: eventually, a transgender woman, (or transitioning) will be able to walk into the restroom that she chooses to without anyone batting an eye (aka Caitlyn Jenner's transition into a woman)

Black Americans weren't able to get in line behind a child with a lack of melanin until the society created change. The social revolutions and social norms changing is a slow progression throughout human history, although the amount of technology compared to previous civilizations creates the change at a much higher rate.

The next revolution must be the acceptance of religion, regardless of the color of skin, accent, or area of the world someone may come from. We had a culture revolution for women and African Americans within the past 75 years. How long will it take for Americans to stop fearing someone named Mohammad, or know the fucking difference between Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew or Arabic.

This might be a pessimists version of hope for future human generations, or visa versa, but I believe that eventually, human evolution will continue to drive, create and progress with acceptance of liberal social norms within the USA, or the American empire will collapse.