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Something Very Wrong About Seth Rich & Lavrov Connection HD
You can see the truth in the midst of all the sleight of hand.  In this video I break down what I think is really happening behind the scenes..  

The old media still trying to control the narrative.. Google bringing them in, while demonetizing those who speak truth. 

The day the story broke about Seth Rich's family hiring a private investigator who revealed there was direct evidence that Seth was executed for giving over information to Wikileaks (via evidence found on Seth's laptop), it showed the corruption in the DC Police (like we did not already know based on Comet Ping Pong).  

We can see the same narrative that Hillary started with in the primary continue until now.  The claims that Trump gave top secret information to the Russians.  Of course, not a shred of evidence has been brought forth, yet the dinosaur media is crying for impeachment.