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Josh Nelson of "South Side Sox" joins Danny for a preview of the Crosstown Series!

White Sox

I got Josh Nelson here from South Side Sox!

The White Sox have not won a game since the ASG, Swept by Seattle and LA at home. Lost in extras to the Royals on Friday. Lost 7-2 last night Lost 8 straight. 1-9 in last 10.

38-56, 19-23 home, 19-33 road.

Only person I ever heard of that is injured is Geovany Soto.


22 in OBP, 14 points lower than the 10th Cubs

30 less homers, Cubs 10th, sox 24th

124 less walks, 2nd to last in majors, Cubs 3rd

Only stolen 1 more base than the Cubs 27th and 28th.


Sox team ERA a half a run higher. 9th and 18th

Starters, 5.03, 27th to Cubs 14th. .60 lower

Sox have 9th best bullpen, Cubs 5th best (slipped hard on Friday)

Sox given up the 4th most walks. But only 11 more than the Cubs

Sox 100 less Ks than the Cubs, 24th


2nd most errors in the majors, 11 more than the Cubs

You have an 86% chance of stealing a base on em. Last in league. Cubs 79% 27th

DERRRRRRR Cubs still over .700!! 701, Sox are right in the middle of the league. 10 points lower

Rakes : (Last 30 days) Melky Cabrera .344 avg. 6 HR 16 RBI (Both lead the team) / Jose Abreu .283 avg. 3 HR 9 Doubles 12 RBI

Flakes: (In July) Adam Engel, CF,  and Yolmer Sanchez 2B/3B. Engel is hitting .140 this month and Sanchez is hitting .149. 

Throws: Bullpen arms Anthony Swarzak and Dan Jennings. Swarzak/Jennings 18 innings combined this month only allowing 2 earned runs. 

Blows: Literally everyone else. This pitching staff is hot garbage at the moment. 

Scavenger Hunt: Take a selfie using the shower in Center Field concourse. Hi Josh! I’m ready!


Miguel Gonzales 4-9, 4.89 vs Kyle Hendricks 4-3, 4.09


Gonzales, 1 run on 5 hits through 6. Walked 5, Sox lost 1-0

Last 3 times before he got his ass kicked. June. Then he didn’t pitch. Hurt?

Rakes: Baez has a homer 2-6, 

Flakes: Benzo batting .194 in 31 ABs seen him most. Has a homer

Hendricks hasn’t pitched since June 4th. 4 runs on 4 hits, lasted 4, but Cubs beat STL 7-6

Rakes :Yolmer (What the fuck is a yolmer?) Sanchez is 4-5 with a double. 

Flakes: No homers. But .359 in 39 ABS


Lefty Carlos Rodon, 1-3, 5.75 vs  John Lackey 


Rodon got his ass kicked by the Dodgers and Rockies last 2 times out. Giving up 11 runs in 9 innings. 

Only 4 Cubs have faced him. No one more than 2 ABs. Heyward has a double. Everyone has walked. 

Lackey, 1 run on 5 hits through 5 in ATL last time. Looked good after his “I’m an old man DL stint”

Rakes: Melky Cabrera .333 with a homer in 39 ABs

Flakes: Jose Abreu is 0-7


Jake Arrieta 9-7, 4.11 Vs James Shields 2-2, 5.79

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Arrieta, 2 runs through 6 innings against STL, then the wheels fell off our bullpenis

Rakes: Saladino 3-9, 2 doubles. Abreu 3-8 hasn’t K’d. 

Flakes Cabrera is 1-12, but that 1 is a homer.

Shields, last 15 innings over 3 starts, given up 16 runs and 5 homers

Rakes: Rizzo 3-8, 2 doubles.

Flakes: Bryant 1-10, stuck out 7 times


Jon Lester Vs. Mike Pelfrey 3-7, 4.64 Reynaldo Lopez

Same check ins



Rakes: Abreu 4-9

Flakes: Yolmer Sanchez 1-6, 3 Ks


Rakes: Heyward 6-18, homer

Flakes: Benzo 1-9, but solo homer


Josh Cubs 4-2

Danny 3-2 Cubs


Danny Cubs 9-7

Josh Cubs 11-5


Danny 5-1 Cubs

Josh 5-2 Sox


Josh Lopez pitches 4-3 Plfrey 8-1

Danny: Cubs 2-1

Cubstradamus Predicts

The Cubs will traverse an hour and a half north to Milwaukee to face the Brewers for 3 critical games and then they’ll come home again….