Son Ranto Premium "Indians Preview"
Gary Damico, Indians Fan, joins us to Preview the 2 game set with the Cleveland Indians.


Cubs get a DH!

Beat Orioles 2 of 3 ...play 1 more tonight against them

Coming off a road trip that included games in Puerto Rico and then B’more. 

2 rainouts in Cleveland before that.

First time the Cubs have been there since Game 7 of the World Series in 2016

Indians are 11-8. 1st place. 6-2 at home.

Who in the hell is Bradley Zimmer? CF...ugly MF…hit an ok .241 in 101 games last year as a rookie with some power, but struck out 99 times. As for his physical appearance, well….yeah….got a sprained ankle right now too, day-to-day


Don’t hit for average, 2nd worst in majors. .219. Cubs 40 points higher

Indians OBP is 3rd worst, Cubs are 1st. 60 points higher at .349

9th in homers, hit 4 more than the Cubs who are 20th.

They don’t K much. Cubs and Indians in top 3rd of the league. 

They don’t walk much. 3rd fewest walks, Cubs are 12th.

Cubs have outscored Indians 110-68


2.65 to 4.14 overall era. 2nd and 17th

Starters 2.66 to 5.27

Relievers 2.63 to 2.75

Both teams middle to best in giving up homers

They wont, they wont walk you! Walk you! 43 BB’s best in majors to 91 for the Cubs 4rd worst. Tied with Reds

They won’t strike you out either. Both teams in bottom ⅓ of the majors. Cubs 20 more.

Indians have not balked this year.

How’s the #Bullpenis?


Committed 10 Errors to the Cubs 16, Cubs 7th worst

78% chance of stealing on them 61% chance of stealing on us

Indians are #1 in DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…..754 …..Cubs are 22nd. .689



Francisco Lindor is only 4 for his last 24 with 2 walks (.167 BA).

Good news: Tyler Chatwood has only allowed 14 hits in his 15.2 innings. Bad news: he’s also allowed 14 BB.


After a terrible start to the year, Jose Ramirez is 9 for his last 22 (.409).

Jason Heyward has got an OBA of .563 over his last week.

Rizzo hitting 4 of his last 20 (.200) to raise his BA to .146

La Stella hitting 50 points over his career average to start 2018, although he has only 1 XBH on the season


Indians hitting .145 from their DH position this year, mostly thanks to Edwin Encarnacion...

This is neither here nor there but even in PR against the Twins, Indians couldn’t escape someone flashing a championship ring in their faces. New retiree Carlos Beltran threw out the first pitch…

Scavenger Hunt

A repeat of the scavenger hunt we had with the Braves. Find a commercial product that advertises with a Native American...Calumet Baking Soda, American Spirit Cigarettes, Leinenkugels….take a pic of the product and post on the Ranters Page ”I don’t like The Indians, but I do love their (cigarettes, baking soda, beer!)” and you can win a Lou Piniella Bobblehead!

Game 1 

Tyler Chatwood 0-3, 4.60 Vs. Josh Tomlin 0-2, 8.00

5:40PM WGN

Check in and you could get gloves, a car magnet, fidget spinner, Kipnis Bobblehead

80% chance of rain in the 40’s

Chatwood 2 runs on 1 hit, walked 7 and Kd 7. Lasted only 4.2 IP vs. St. Louis

Faced Cleveland for 1 inning last year in relief. Got the save in a game that went 12.

Yonder Alonso 2-3 with a homer and a walk

Michael Brantley 0-5 with a walk

Tomlin pitched in that 16 inning game against minnesota in Puerto Rico. 1 run on 3 hits and lost the game for his team.

Cubs got 6 runs off him in game 6 of the World Series. Also, 1 run at Wrigley in Game 3

Zobrist seen him most. 5-23, 2 walks and a homer. Bryant homered.

No one else seen him much. 

Game 2

Jon Lester 2-0. 3.10 vs Trevor Bauer 1-2, 2.67

6:10 NBC Sports

Check In and get a mug, Jose Ramirez Bobble, fidget spinner

Rain all day, then 30% chance of rain. Low of 37.

Lester, 1 run on 2 hits, Kd 7 through 6 vs Cardinals

In games 1,5,7, Lester pitched 14.2 innings. 7 runs, 16 Ks

Rajai Davis, Edwin Encarnacion (2), Jose Ramirez, Roberto Perez homered

198 PAs, .782 OPS

Bauer gave up 3 on 5 hits over 7 IP to Baltimore

The Indians lost all 3 games he pitched in in the World Series in 2016

Russell is 5-7, only Bryant has homered.

Heyward 0-9


After playing the Hopi and Shawnee

Whose batting averages are scrawny

Cubs come on back home

Where they don’t have a dome

Like they do where they play in….

A Donkey

Phil McConkey

The honkeys

Some hockey

Ryan Braun is cocky


Salazar Among Indians Making Rehab Progress

rams44442 days ago

What an outright disgrace...2 runs in the last 18+ innings.  They are expecting Salazar back?  For what? To go on the mound and have to pitch a shutout and still not win? They keep trotting out our pitchers to waste their talent because they keep trotting out the same players WHO CANNOT HIT. Message to Ownership...PLEASE SELL.

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