Son Ranto Premium "Nationals Preview 8/4-6"

Johnny and Danny’s bet to be settled once and for all by this series.

Loser has to call the winner’s mom and congratulate her on winning the series, but at some point, turn the conversation and accuse them of cheating to win,

63-43. 1st place in the NL East. Good road record. 34-21, 29-22 at home.

5-5 in last 10...lost their last 2.

Split with them in June. Won twice 5-4 and lost 6-1 and 8-4.

Both wins, the Cubs almost lost. Once because the Cubs came back and once because the Nats almost did.

They are super banged up.

Everyone hurt so they signed Neil Ramirez and Edwin Jackson...haha

And in Dusty they Trusty.


Nats 3rd in OBP and Homers. Cubs 10th and 9th respectively

Don’t K that much. 20th. Cubs 13th

Cubs walk more. 3rd and 13th

6th in stolen bases, but Turner is injured.

Nats scored second most runs in majors. Most in National League. Only Astros more.

8 more than the Cubs who after Tuesday are now 13th.


Cubs 7th and Nat 8th in team ERA, 3.92, 4.08

3rd best starters, Cubs 11th. Separated by more than half a run.

Cubs 4th best relievers. Nats 29th. Nearly a 2 run difference.

Nats 22nd in walks, Cubs 11th

Nats 7th in Ks, Cubs are 9th


Cubs a point behind the Dodgers and tied with the Mariners with a .706 DERRRRRRR

Cubs committed 5 more errors 10th worst and 16th.

74% chance of stealing on their catchers and 79% chance of stealing on the Cubs

Rakes : Wilmer Difo and Brian Goodwin have had a good week with the Gnats. They've each hit 2 homers on 9 hits this week. Both are hitting 50-60 points over their season average this week, but they do have 15 Ks and only 2 walks between them. 

Flakes: I'm happy to say that Daniel Murphy is flaking. He's only had 2 hits and 1 walk on the week. His slash line is 111/158/167 for a whopping 325 OPS. He's only struck out 3 times. It looks like he's just making weak contact. 

I've got two guys that are riding the line between Rakes and Flakes. Ryan Zimmerman is hitting 208 this week with only 5 hits. Bryce Harper is hitting 192 with 5 hits. The thing is that Zimmerman has 4 homers and Harper has 2. So even though they only have 10 hits between them, 6 of those went out of the yard. They each have 7 Ks and 1 walk. 

Throws: From the starters, you gotta give this to Gio Gonzalez for going 8 innings and only giving up 1 hit in his last start. On the relief, Dr. Doolittle has 2 saves this week and only had a single hit put up against him. 

Blows: Tanner Roark got beat up for 4 runs on 5 hits in 5 innings in his last start. In the bullpen, you've got Enny Romero and Sammy Solis. They gave up 5 runs over 4.1 innings this week for ERA's over 10. Romero actually has a 3.99 ERA on the season, but Solis is at a 14 ERA over 9 innings pitched across 12 games this season. 

Scavenger Hunt: 

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Tanner Roark 8-7, 4.93 Vs. Kyle Hendricks 4-3, 3.80


Tanner gave up 4 on 5 through 5 against Rockies and also walked 4 and he lost the game for his team disappointing everyone.

Last year against the Cubs he only gave up 1 through 6, but the Nationals lost and everyone was still incredibly disappointed in him.

Rizzo has 2 homer in 15 ABs. Heyward 0-15

Kyle didn’t face DC this year, and didn’t do so hot against em last year. Walking 4 and giving up 4. 3 were earned.

Eaton has 2 homers off him in 7 ABS but he’s on the DL and will miss the season with Schwarberitis.

Murphy flakes at 1-10

Lyle: 8-3 Nats

Johnny: 5-3 Nats

Mike: 5-2 Cubs

Danny: 6-5 Cubs


Lefty Gio Gonzales 9-5 2.66 Vs. John Lackey 8-9, 4.87


Commemorative trading card pack to 10K

Lackey gave up 8 runs on 9 hits through 5.1, including 3 homers back in June.

But last time he was good. 2 runs on 5 hits to Milwaukee and he won.

Adam Lind 18-43 .419 avg

Harper 1-11

Gonzales took a no hitter into the 9th vs Marlins last time and then Dee Gordon broke it up and he could be on the Paternity list any moment which would be great for the Cubs…

Cause he have up 1 run on 2 hits through 6 to us back in June.

Rakes? Our catchers. In 3 ABs, 2 homers.

Flakes? Rizzo, 2-22. Cubs batting .191

Lyle: Nats 5-4

Michael: Cubs 6-2

Johnny 9-6 Nats

Danny: 9-2, Nats. EJ. CUbs


Max Scherzer 12-5, 2.21 Vs. Jon Lester 8-6, 3.96


Cubs Youth Baseball tote bag 5k kids. (getting em used to subscribing to pbs)

Lester gave up 3 runs in 4 innings and only went 4. But he hit a homerun and the Cubs won 16-4. I missed the whole fucking thing.

Gave up 1 run on 3 hits to DC back in June. Went 6

Wieters batting .329 in 49 ABs.

Adam Lind only 3-29

Scherzer took himself out of the game after 1 inning vs. Miami cause he slept on his neck wrong. But he also hit his 1st career homer.

Also gave up 1 run on 2 hits through 6 back in June to Cubs

Rakes: Heyward 4-11

Flakes: Bryant 1-10 but it’s a homer.

Lyle: Cubs 2-1 or 12-2 Ej

Danny: 4-2 Cubs

Johnny: 3-1 Cubs

Mike: 9-8 Lester ND Cubs

Edwin Jackson

He’s started 3 games for the Nationals.

Last time vs Colorado he went 7 and gave up 1 run on 4 hits.

But he gave up 3 homers to Milwaukee before that. All “Lesters”

Cubstradamus Predicts

If you’re going to San Francisco. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Then where everyone wants to go in August….The desert!