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Song 25: Even Death Now
Dear patrons, this is a song for All Saints. Specifically, a song for those of us who have had death near us in the past year.

A fortnight ago I led music at an ecumenical event in northern Minnesota. The keynote was Danielle "Original Blessing" Shroyer, and at some point she put this poem from Hafiz up on the screen:

Even death now
will have no power to quiet your name
from beating wildly in our hearts

Immediately I knew this poem would become a song so we could sing it to one another for All Saints.

It's been a year minus one week since my dad, Robert Charles Colligan died. Hard to believe this is my first All Saints with him not on the planet.

Christian theology orbits the hope of resurrection. In these days of Dia de Muertos, Halloween and All Saints, let us take courage that neither life nor death is what it appears to be.

Even death now.

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