Song #47: Revival Day
Another Billy Hayes song for the good Reverend - the day of the big tent revival.

It's been a minute since I've done one of these; I think the last one was around song #20ish or so.  Good to see you again, Reverend.


Make amends, call all your friends - Revival Day has come!

Summon up your old regrets and tell it to someone.

Everyone is welcome.  Come on down to see.

Reverend Billy Hayes will really wake you from the dream.

Climb the ladder, it don’t matter what what you did or what you’re gonna do.

People make mistakes in life, and that’s alright, but when the water comes Dm, you'd better ask yourself who G you pledged allegiance A# to F7.

So come on down to Baker’s Farm, that tent is coming up.

Just summon up your old regrets and tell it to someone.

Maybe there’ll be pumpkin pie, maybe there’ll be cake.

But it’ll be a grand old time even if there ain’t.



Here we are at Baker’s Farm - we’re so glad you came.

Now summon up those old regrets and tell us all your name.

Welcome Lisa and Ayisha.  Welcome Bob and Doug.

Go on, take your seats.

And don’t forget to take these drugs.

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