Hey dear friends,

It was about three years ago that my great friend and close brother, Shyamdas, left this world. He was a guy like no other, a true Bhakta, and one who spread joy and happiness wherever he went. He lived his devotion 24 hours a day and shared it with everyone. I miss him so much.....

After he passed, Shyam's friends and students formed a foundation to continue sharing and archiving his songs and teachings, and to help his community of Bhaktas stay connected. Every year the Shyamdas Foundation has a retreat at Ananda Ashram and every year I'm invited to come. Although my heart feels so close to Shyam and all of his/my extended family, my travel schedule has kept me away. This year, however, I joined the retreat via Skype and sang, reminisced and enjoyed the beautiful energy of the gathering. And, luckily, I put my iPhone in a little tripod and recorded the whole thing. 

Here's the first part of our gathering - a short invocation and Kirtan in remembrance of a wonderful friend. 

Lots of love,