A SONG FOR A STAR part 2 cover. Inks.
No, I haven't forgotten!

Last week I inked and finished the illustration, but I had so many things in my mind that the edition of the video has been potsponed until today. But here it is, as well as the finished illustration:

I titled it "Something to Protect", a hint for the second part of the story secondary plot. In this part, our heroes will be forced to separate after the unexpected discovery of the fact they only have three days left for gathering all the materials and arriving to the Demon Shrine and make the forbidden miracle work and have Prince Wind ressurrected, so Song will have to team with the young sorcery student Hagley for some chapters. Either Selwyn and Finley will also be relevant in several chapters this time and will try to convince Prince Song of certain issues taking advantage of Sky and Star's absence. Don't worry though, Prince Song will not change his heart so easily, not after having met the necromancer in the Black Woods...

I am now sketching chapter 7, and can say this part will be longer than the first one, I think it will have around... 13 chapters this time, and most of them more than 8 pages. Can't wait to start with it! September will be a busy month, indeed.

I'll post this illustration on DeviantArt and Tumblr shortly, but it will be only posted here for a couple of days, perhaps. Hope you like it!